Monday, 27 July 2009

The Power of the Blog!

A little late but here’s my panel from our Blog talk in London last week. 

From the left...

* Berit Eis - Lecturer - London College of Fashion and Blogger – Drapers
* Our chair for the evening, Leon Bailey Green - Online Fashion Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist and Blogger.
* Steve Monaghan - Director - Sane Communications
* Jill Culbertson - Head of Online Marketing - Snow Valley
* Joe Sinclair - Author -
* Amanda Carr - Co-Founder / Blogger - The Women's Room
* Katie Mackay - The star of and a strategist for Mother

My wonderful panel and lively audience spent an hour and a half discussing how important blogs can be, how to use them to benefit your company and how to do them well.

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