Monday, 30 July 2012

Lisa Stannard - Illustrator Extraordinaire

Name: Lisa Stannard
Job Title: Textile designer / fashion illustrator / fashion designer / teacher!!
Company: Lisa Stannard
Hometown: Manchester via Rossendale everyday


I design printed textiles for a number of different designers and companies, my biggest client is Whitney Eve

I design their print collections, graphic design for the company, print placements, line sheets, and assist with the development of the fabric prints onto the garments. They are great, I have gained so much experience with them and I love to see the final collections come together.

Everyday is so different it depends what I have on. Because I run the business completely on my own I will have emails and accounting to catch up on (boring!!) and also prints to send out from my online shop -

Lisa Stannard for Lucy in Disguise

I always have a number of different projects on at any one time, so my day will be made up of researching, drawing, painting, putting designs into repeats and working out colour ways. I usually work from about 9am and continue until very late at night especially if I am working on Whitney Eve stuff because of the time difference to LA. Because of this I usually try to take a break in the afternoon.

If I am teaching at MMU or Salford 9am – 4pm I have to fit in freelance work anytime in between and after. It can get a little crazy, especially in the run up to fashion week when everyone needs prints at the same time. Still, being in the University environment is pretty inspiring and I have access to their huge art + design library. I teach fashion illustration, CAD and do workshops in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and becoming a freelance designer.


I am obsessed with illustrator Kilian Eng at the moment, my illustrator friend Ben Lamb showed me his work. 

I have always been obsessed with Julie Verhoeven since before I started University, she inspired me to go into illustration as well as fashion design. 

Fashion photographer Tim Walker 

Fashion line Zimmermann, their prints are so inspiring!! There is so much I am inspired by; 1960's and 70's Pucci, Issey Miyake, japanese fashion…

My favourite artists/dj’s/music producers right now are Onra, Dam Funk and Ste Spandex, they are crazy talented and I really admire it. 

The club night Wet Play, in Manchester, which my best friends run. The music there and the vibe they have going on is one of it’s own, it’s a great party. 

I just got back from Electric Elephant festival and I have to say it was the best one yet, amazing people and vibes, great music in the most beautiful location. 
I am finishing up my clients print collections for SS’13, this season I have been working with Whitney Eve, Emesha and a new brand called 381 London. 

I have a new project that I am working on with my agency Mill Co-Operation  which I can’t talk about just yet. Mill Co are also designing my new website, blog and shop which will be going live in August. 

I have just collaborated on a jewellery collaboration with Wonderhaus which will be on sale in August too.

It’s about to get crazy busy with Whitney Eve in the run up to the Spring’13 trade shows and New York Fashion Week, this is always exciting. I work on the line sheets and all of the promo materials associated with the brand in fashion week. I also can’t wait to see the whole final collection after months of working on the prints with Whitney Port. I think it’s our best collection yet.

I have some new styling and art direction projects in line with my partner in crime Layla Sailor.

In terms of events, I am selling my prints, jewellery collab, samples garments at Fleasy St in Manchester and going to Premiere Vision Paris in September.

Another thing that you may not know is that I am also a bootcamp instructor for my family’s business LEAN fitness. I do this at 6.30am in between all my other work! Hopefully I will also be a qualified yoga teacher in a year’s time too! I love it, it keeps me sane in between all of the design work deadlines.

I think that is everything! There are probably many other mini projects sandwiched between all this!

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  1. Bloody ace! Lisa you are an inspiration and the hardest working person I know. You are always going to be hugely successful because you graft for it, as well as being a truly nice person and uber-positive. You're amazing! xxx