Thursday, 2 August 2012

Neil Scott - El Diablo's Social Club / 2022nq

Name: Neil Scott
Job Title: DJ / Promoter / Producer / Label Owner / Venue Owner
Company: El Diablo's Social Club / 2022nq
Hometown: Manchest-orr

Well I'm a mostly known as being a DJ and promoter and I have been running El Diablo's Social Club for nearly ten years now.

In April this year I setup a new creative arts space called 2022NQ with Jamie and Keith from Funkademia, Tunji from Mint Lounge and Steve who used to run El Diablo's with me. That seems to be the thing that’s taking up most of my time at the moment.

The idea behind the venue was to create a bit of a hub for the creative arts be it…

Art - So far we're had Manchester & Salford Uni end of year shows as well as great exhibitions from people we love like Stan Chow who did an exhibition for us a few months ago.

Music - B-music have an really exciting event coming up on Friday 17th August where The Eccentronic Research Council and Maxine Peak will be performing their upcoming LP 1612 Underture live.

Fashion - Bench recently launched their new collection with us and had hot property DJ's Disclosure playing. Also Manchester Fashion Network will be doing another recruitment fair soon and we're also working on a market that will cover other creative arts late September.

Film - Last month in association with Havana Club we previewed '7 Days in Havana' a film about...well 7 Days in Havana. We also have cult film double bill coming up from the Certificate X people.

Theatre - The Box Of Tricks Theatre company recently did an evening of theatre, comedy, spoken word, art and music...


At the moment my favourite eatery is Bakerie - a very pleasant kind of casual dining that the Northern Quarter has been crying out for ages. Really wholesome, reasonably priced food accompanied more importantly by excellent beers and wine. I've taken loads of DJ's here when they play for us as the service and food is such a safe bet. It's also only round the corner from 2022nq.

Piccadilly Records has been a consistent obsession of mine since I was old enough to get the 261 bus into town without my mum. It was a pleasure to work there for quite a while on and off for about 5 years. I still ring up when there’s a just in which I know is going to sell out quickly to reserve my copy of that limited run 12". 

I've just got back from my 4th year at Croatia's lovely Garden Festival where each year I am lucky enough to play and have fun in the sun. It's all moved to a new site in Tisno this year that now boasts an amazing outdoor club which is on until 6am that I thought was amazing. Also the boat party I do with the Crazy P guys was the best yet! I also loved playing on my own on the beach bar. Have a listen to it here...


My latest project has been kicking off the El Diablo's record label EDSC Recordings. It's just had its first release from the Italian stallion Lup Ino and has some great remixes from Ron Basejam and James Holroyd's Begin project and also an edit from me.

I also work a few days a month for the legendary Manchester record label Paperecordings just helping out on the promo side of things and learning the ropes of how to and more importantly how not to run a label. We have had some great releases lately such as Research that has an ace psychemagik remix.

I also have my own EP as Neil Diablo coming out around September which will have a couple of house tracks and a more disco-y track on it. One of the house tracks recently featured on the Papercutz #1 compilation...


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