Monday, 16 July 2012

Emma Jay - Totally Would

Name: Emma Jay
Job Title: Freelance Photographer
Company: Atelier Verkstad
Hometown: Cambridge

I'm a photographer, at the moment I take photos of beautiful boys mainly. But portraits in general is my thang. I love faces. My partner and I are just about to launch a luxury accessories label called Atelier Verkstad as well. Leather-goods and other gubbins -- can't wait!


One of my life's biggest passions and obsessions is THE WILDERNESS. It's weird -- I absolutely hate camping, hate being cold / wet (unless I can swiftly get warm / dry), and have a huge phobia of segmented creatures so ain't too keen on hanging out with any form of crunchy insect (or maggots). But being near water, trees, beautiful wild animals and breathing in clean, crisp unadulterated air is just so life enhancing. One day, I'd like to build a cabin somewhere beautiful (probably Scandinavia) and live in it and just read books all the time, and have really long silver hair and just sit on my porch with my lover and drink in all the awe-inspiring scenery. So to me, this website is like crack: It has hundreds of pictures of cabins that people have built or seen, and to me it is the ultimate inspiration. It helps me focus on my dreams, and I love that others have the same dream and have executed it so fucking well. Once you start looking through them, it's hard to stop -- be warned!

I am also massively digging the vibes of Swedish jewellery designer Lina Lindbergh - Limani. I met her through a friend of a friend a few years ago and man, is she talented. I love trinkets and adornments in general, but she gets the balance just right between this really heavy, brutal, amazing style, and fine, delicate and whimsical-without-being-naff stuff. I stayed with her in Stockholm recently and was privileged to go through her designs and try them on one by one. She is so inventive, as well as creating things that you generally want to wear on a daily basis. I'm a big fan of what I like to call 'obnoxious jewellery', and she has some chunky rings that look like they've been roughly hewn out of solid granite. Absolutely unbelievable! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. And I also can't wait until I'm allowed to spend money on myself instead of my new business -- I'm going to buy ALL the things. 


Well, I can't let you see what I'm "working" working on just yet (coming soon), but you're more than welcome to check out my blog, WOULD. It's a run down of massive fitties and provides excellent perving material when you're bored at work, at home, on the train, or with your life in general. 
It started as a joke between me and my mate Steph (who came up with the name - KUDOS) and now has a life of its own. Let me know your favourite guy and I'll try and fit 'em on... Be aware, this is also a dangerously time-swallowing blog to look at. Mainly because everyone on it is just SO FIT.

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