Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I've launched a website!

After leaving my job last August and bumming around America and Cuba for a few months I am now back in the rat race and trying to earn a living for myself. ( I actually did some work in New York while I was away so it wasn't boozy brunches everyday, just most).

Spending a few months away from home was just the ticket to sit down and write a business plan and figure out what to do for the foreseeable future. It wasn't a case of "I'm going to find myself", more an opportunity to get away from the white noise of the daily grind and sit in the park, basking in November red hot sun, writing down notes for world domination. I've never travelled for an extended period of time before as I've always worked, so it was nice to tick some to do's off the list before knuckling down into a 10 year business plan. 

So I am officially a business owner now. It's very exciting and very rewarding watching everything you do accumulate in a physical business with measurable results. The best and worst bit now is I'm my own boss, so I'm cracking my own whip.

Here's the new site and a little note on the how and why -

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