Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lee Isherwood - Manchester's Finest


Name - Lee Isherwood
Job Title - Editor
Company - Manchester’s Finest
Hometown - Manchester


I have a couple of jobs, I’m a designer by trade and work on a lot of consumer facing big brand type stuff. Manchester’sFinest is a labour of love that has grown into a shared labour of love between a few of us. I started it to give really good independent small businesses a decent platform to shout from for free. I wanted to help people find and try new things really instead of just going where they know. We’ve now branched out into arts, events, health, beauty, style etc. There’s also a big emphasis on the fact that the Finest stuff isn’t necessarily the most expensive, if ever.


From an independent blog I really like

Larger scale I think Port Magazine and Rankin’s new venture HungerTV are way in front of anything else.

Noma Bar is by far and away my favourite illustrator at the moment, so good. Came across it through which I also think is fantastic.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment we’ve just really started promoting our new sister site – it’s great branching out into smaller portions, it means we can really get into detail and pull out all the greatest stuff within micro communities such as the Northern Quarter. 

Watch this space for our next venture!

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